Our removals fleet

Brighton Home Removals pride ourselves on our well serviced fleet of vehicles. We have a large pool of reliable vehicles available to suit any size of removals or storage job.

All vehicles have GPS Vehicle Tracking.

Small Vehicles Transits and Lutons

Our small vehicles are very efficient at small house or flat removals or where access is limited.

Luton Van

Medium Vehicles 7½ tonne van

Our medium sized vehicles are good for most house removals. They are also good for when access would be tight for a large HGV / Pantechnicon.

Medium Sized Removals Lorry

Pantechnicon and Large Vehicles HGVs

Our large vehicles are widely used for medium to large house removals – they’ve plenty of space to cope with most moves.


Rough guide

How many vehicles will be needed for your move? Here’s a rough guide to give you an idea on how much space your belongings will take up based on the average move.

Student move

Space required: 200 cubic feet
Suitable vehicle: Small Transit van

One bedroom flat/house

Space required: 300 – 500 cubic feet
Suitable vehicle: Luton Van (3.5 tonne) or Large Transit Van

Two bedroom flat/house

Space required: 600 – 900 cubic feet
Suitable vehicle: Luton Van (3.5 tonne) or 7.5 tonne van

Three bedroom house

Space required: 800 – 1600 cubic feet
Suitable vehicle: 7.5 tonne van or HGV / Pantechnicon

Four bedroom house

Space required: 1000+ cubit feet
Suitable vehicle: 7.5 tonne van or HGV / Pantechnicon.

Van capacity size guide
To go with the above figures here are the cubit capacities of the common vans used in the removals industry.

Transit Van: 350 – 400 cubic feet

Luton Van: 600 cubic feet

Luton Hi Capacity Van: 750 cubic feet

7.5 ton Box Van: 1100 – 1500 cubic feet

HGV 17.5 tonne: 2000 – 2400 cubic feet