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Moving to or from the City of Brighton and Hove?

Map of Brighton and Hove city areaBrighton Home Removals offer a locally based professional and trustworthy removals service for customers moving to or from the Brighton & Hove city area.

With our wealth of local Brighton & Hove knowledge, we can really help things run smoothly and hassle free on your moving day.

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Moving to the City of Brighton & Hove?

Here’s a little bit more information about our vibrant city…

Brighton is about an hour south of London by train and it’s a popular weekend or day trip destination. Its broad shingle beach is backed by amusement arcades and Regency-era buildings. Brighton has two piers,  – Brighton Pier, in the central waterfront section, opened in 1899 and now has rides and food kiosks and the West Pier which is considered to be Britain’s most iconic pier. The West Pier is derelict today but still renowned for its architectural style and has been visited and enjoyed by millions.

Brighton i360

Near to the remains of the West Pier is the British Airways i360, a 162-metre observation tower on the seafront of Brighton.

Brighton & Hove is also known for its nightlife, arts scene, shopping and festivals.

The towns of Brighton and Hove formed a unitary authority in 1997 and in 2001 were granted city status by Queen Elizabeth II. “Brighton” is often referred to synonymously with the official “Brighton and Hove” although many locals still consider the two to be separate East Sussex towns of Brighton and Hove.

The city area starts from Portslade in the west and Rottingdean in the east.

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