Storage Tips

Tips to help you prepare for storage

We put together some storage tips so you can benefit from our experience.

Make sure that you have enough storage boxes and packaging supplies.

Packing and storage advice

  • Disassemble the big pieces – keeping any screws etc in labelled bags.
  • Box everything to avoid losing things.
  • Use proper storage boxes that won’t collapse.
  • Avoid putting too many heavy items in the same boxes so that they’re not too heavy to lift
  • Wrap china and glassware piece by piece. Put the heaviest items at the bottom and pad out corners and empty spaces.
  • Label your boxes clearly and preferably on the top and on one side. Ideally make an inventory of numbered boxes and their contents.
  • Clean out fridges, freezers, ovens and food cupboards, and tape doors closed for the journey.
  • Call Brighton Home Removals for any further storage advice.

StorageSelf storage tips for moving goods in the van

  • Load biggest items first and pad spaces between items.
  • Fasten your load so that your packed possessions don’t topple or slide around.
  • Put your personal items such as your handbag, wallet, specs and keys in one bag so you can keep them safe in the cab of the van.

Tips for using your storage space effectively

  • Store largest items first.
  • Fill hollow items such as wardrobes with smaller boxes – to maximise your storage capacity.
  • Label and number all boxes – keep a numbered list, and stack boxes so the labels are visible
  • Store appliances clean, with doors wedged open.
  • In a large storage unit leave access space – like a walkway down the middle.
  • Put dust sheets over stored goods.